What is a Billet?


In North America billet is a term used to describe a family offering room and board to youth players under 20 years old joining elite teams far from their hometown. They can also be called a host family as well. Coaches work with a Billet Coordinator to find appropriate families and make matches with players. A billet family should provide a "home away from home" for players during their temporary stay. 


Billet Information








Interested in being a Billet Family?

So what should you do from here if you want to be a Billet or Host Family? First, click on "Host Family Policies" at right and read through to ensure you are a match to be a billet family. If you want to proceed further, complete this Policy by signing and submitting to the Wichita Junior Thunder. In addition, fill out the "Host Family Application" and submit this with the "Host Family Policies."


Both documents can be submitted via email to rweingartner@jrwichitathunder.com